Stop Erection Problems NOW!

How you can cure erectile dysfunction, stop impotence and find
an effective treatment for your erection problems

Author: Rod Phillips      

Erection problems can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere, no matter how old or sexually experienced you are.

No matter what the circumstances, the effect is the same: your confidence goes, you're unsure what will happen next time you have sex, you feel bad, and above all you need an effective treatment - one which works.

Fortunately, my colleagues and I have found, as we've worked over the years with thousands of men who've experienced erection problems of one kind or another, some very effective treatments for erectile dysfunction that you can use at home.

These remedies work for almost all men. So if your erections are unreliable, sometimes disappearing before or during sex, or if you've started to avoid sex because of your erection problems, or even if you never get an erection anymore, we can help you.

We can also show you how to deal with the relationship issues which play such a big part in erectile dysfunction.

And we explain how to overcome the negative feelings that often develop when you have erection difficulties: for example, men often say to us that they feel like their maleness has been taken away, as if the very core of who they are has been torn apart.

Well, the great news is that most erection problems can be cured once and for all. 

And on this website we provide the easy, simple and effective treatment program which has worked thousands of times for men just like you.

With our help, your erection problems will be a thing of the past in no time at all.

What Causes Erection Problems?

All kinds of things. Among the emotional causes, we'd include performance anxiety during sex, negative feelings about your relationship or your partner, stress, depression, anger and so on; among the physical causes, there's ageing, physical health problems such as diabetes or high cholesterol, and general ill-health; and among the psychological there are doubts and fears around sex, problems with your relationship, and deeper unconscious conflicts and issues about sex.

And erection problems or erectile dysfunction are sometimes a side-effect of prescription drugs and alcohol. (By the way, "erection problems" and "erectile dysfunction" are interchangeable terms and mean the same thing.)

In almost every case, erectile dysfunction can be stopped in its tracks and your erections restored to full hardness.

Even if you're a man with advanced diabetes or high cholesterol, we can show you how to get an erection hard enough for long-lasting intercourse and normal ejaculation with your partner.

One of the most common causes is performance anxiety. A man can lose his erection for all kinds of reasons - he's tired, stressed, nervous, doesn't want sex, doesn't like his partner, thinks someone may be watching or hearing them making love, or whatever. As you may know, your erection can go away pretty quickly in these situations.

The surprising thing is that next time you want to make love, you may not get an erection at all, or you may lose it at some point during sex, and then you get more anxious.

That makes your penis even softer, and your anxiety then increases.....and before you know it, you're trapped in a downward spiral of erection problems and anxiety, until you're avoiding sex and you never gets erect at all! This is the easiest form of erectile dysfunction to cure. If this is the cause of your problems, we can have you back to full throttle in no time at all.

As for aging, well, that comes to us all. While it's natural for a young man to get an erection at the slightest sign of something sexy, after the age of thirty, forty, or fifty, depending on the individual, a man often finds that his penis no longer pops up like it once did.

Even vivid sexual fantasies or the sight of your partner naked may not produce an erection. No problem! If this happening to you, we will show you, step by step, exactly how you can cure your erection problems. Not being able to get hard as you grow older is certainly something you can avoid!

And of course relationship troubles and issues around sex are a very common cause of erection problems. We all know that the path of true love doesn't always run smoothly, and anxiety, resentment, hatred and anger can surface in a relationship even after years together.

The same is true of a man's conflicts around sexual identity. Many men find their mid-life to be a turbulent time, and sex is one of the things that often suffers. More specifically, it's often a man's erection that suffers.

If you're between forty and fifty five years of age and having erection troubles, you absolutely have to read the vital information on this website about men's mid-life changes and what you can do to keep yourself healthy and sexually active.

In all these situations you can use the treatments described on this website at home with complete confidence, because they actually work, whatever the state of your erection. Using our methods, you'll have a full erection in no time at all - simply, easily and quickly.

But Isn't Erectile Dysfunction A Medical Issue?

If you've been searching out a cure for your erectile dysfunction, maybe you were disappointed that your doctor wasn't much help.

You might just have been offered a prescription for Viagra.

And while this can certainly get some men erect - though it doesn't work for all men - it won't deal with the root cause of your erection problems. Nonetheless, Viagra can be really helpful in boosting sexual confidence for many men, so we act as agents for a private medical consultation and prescription service.

The sad truth is most doctors just don't have the time to talk about all the physical and emotional issues which can contribute to a man's loss of erection.

That's why, on this website, we describe the causes of erectile dysfunction in detail. Then we explain exactly how you can solve all the physical, emotional and relationship aspects of erectile dysfunction.

What's more, the treatments we describe actually work. Let me repeat that: our treatments for erection problems actually work. No matter what the state of your erections now, by the time you've invested in our self-help program, your erections will be back to full strength.

You might be feeling pretty bad right now. Nothing is more important to a man than the ability to get an erection and make love to his partner. If you can't get a reliable erection every time you make love or, even worse, if you can't get an erection at all, you're going to feel pretty lousy.

No matter how you describe this situation, it comes down to the same thing: you can't do what a man wants and needs to do - enjoy sex with his partner. When you lack one of the most important symbols of masculinity - an erection hard enough to enjoy sex confidently - you need a solution, fast.

A woman might tell you "It doesn't matter." Yet men know the truth: erectile dysfunction does matter. It matters a lot. The way to feel like a complete man again is to treat your erection problems quickly and effectively and get back to full potency. And that's what we're going to do.

What About The Impact Of Erection Problems On Your Relationship?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem for both you and your partner. When a man has an erection problem, so does his partner.

There's no denying that erection problems can reveal many things about a relationship. Perhaps one partner doesn't actually want to have sex with the other. Maybe he or she would rather be somewhere else, doing something (or someone) else.

Perhaps the two partners are not communicating their feelings - especially anger - towards each other. And it's even possible that the relationship is nearing its end.

None of these things will prevent you finding a cure for your erection problems right now!  In fact, we actually show you how to deal with all aspects of erectile dysfunction including the emotional and relationship issues that it inevitably brings up.

With our help, you will be able to develop an emotionally rewarding and fulfilling relationship in which you have normal erections and great sex.

Don't Despair About Erection Problems - You CAN Cure Them!

We know that when your penis isn't co-operating with you, it's natural to worry about sex. In fact, you probably think about sex (or the lack of it) more than you would normally.

You might even have tried to overcome your erection problems with some new experiences. One thing many men do when they find their erections are becoming unreliable is to have an affair - often with a younger woman. Maybe you've paid for sex.

 Maybe you've tried Viagra. Or perhaps you've taken to surfing the internet for porn or trying new sex games with your partner. There's no problem with any of this except that it won't solve your erection problems!

What will work are the treatment methods described on this website. Even if all your old certainties around sex have disappeared, you can still get back to having normal, healthy erections with our help. That's 100% true, even if:

  • you don't get erect even when you have vivid sexual fantasies
  • you don't get erect when you see your partner's naked body
  • you don't find the thought of sex (or even intercourse itself) arousing
  • you've developed premature ejaculation
  • you have physical problems which are causing your erectile dysfunction
  • you have declining testosterone and a low sex drive
  • you have emotional problems which are causing your erectile dysfunction
  • you're angry and depressed, irritable or unhappy
  • you haven't had sex for weeks, months or years
  • you don't want to have sex with your current partner
  • you're having a mid-life crisis
  • you simply don't know why your erections are unreliable
  • you lose your erection during sex or when putting on a condom
  • you avoid sex for fear of losing your erection
  • you can't get erect even when your partner gives you oral sex
  • you have sexual or emotional abuse issues from childhood
  • you have sexual or emotional conflicts about women

Erectile dysfunction or, even worse, complete impotence are so devastating they can make you think your sex life is over. (Maybe even your life is over!) But with the right approach to treatment and an understanding of how you can solve these problems, you will find your erections return to normal pretty quickly.

We show you how you can easily solve erectile dysfunction - and we describe how you and your partner can resolve the emotional issues that are disrupting your relationship. If you're looking for harmony, this is essential reading.

Things You May Not Know About Erection Problems

There are many myths in society about maleness and masculinity which contribute to men's erection problems. Each one of these myths is simply untrue. As you read through this list, see if any of them may have affected your beliefs about what is expected from you as a man.

  • A man should be able to give his partner an orgasm each and every time they have sex
  • A man should be able to get it up and keep it up even if his partner is unresponsive or doesn't really like sex
  • A man's penis should be erect from the beginning of sex right through to the time he ejaculates
  • A man can only have sexual intercourse if he has a fully erect penis
  • A man can always enjoy sex, whether inside or outside a relationship
  • A man with erection problems is not a masculine man
  • A man should be able to have sex with any woman who is willing and available
  • A man should be able to get an erection on demand, every time
  • A man should never be nervous when having sex
  • A man should be able to seduce and successfully take to bed any woman who takes his fancy or who expresses a sexual interest in him
  • A man should be able to stay hard when having sex with a woman even if she doesn't like sex, doesn't arouse him or doesn't respond to him sexually

We will show you why each and every one of these beliefs is untrue and how they contribute to men's erection problems. Sometimes, the things that cause you to experience erectile dysfunction have nothing to do with you - like a sexual partner who doesn't enjoy intercourse or won't take part in oral sex.

There are solutions even for these problems, and we will show you how both you and your partner can enjoy sex fully when you get your erections back to full power!

Adding To The Pleasure Of Sex

But this website isn't just about curing your erection problems. Once you're fully erect again, you'll want to make sure your cock stays that way each time you have sex, so we have a huge amount of information on improving sex.

This includes a vast amount of information on sexual techniques and positions. This is the kind of information that you need to make sex an intimate, loving and exciting affair between you and your partner!

We show you how to extend your orgasms, enjoy multiple orgasms (yes - that's for both you and your partner!), ejaculate further, and have more intense orgasms. We can also show you how to make sure that your partner enjoys an orgasm whenever she wants one!


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  • you can get an erection whenever you wish
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  • you can enjoy sex without any fear of losing your erection
  • you can have total confidence in your sexual abilities
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Do you want

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Yes? Then CLICK HERE to sign up now, and enjoy great sex, full erections, and long-lasting orgasms!

Testimonials from members!

Anthony, UK

I'm 20 years old, I have erectile dysfunction and I recently bought your program. I wanted to let you know how things are going. My ED is not severe but it is there, and it affects us. I couldn't trust my cock 'cos it would fail on me in a matter of seconds. My cause is performance anxiety. I have an obsession to be good in bed so that my girl's not tempted to have it with someone else. Now I am relieved that your solutions are open for me to try. And yes I need to solve this problem before I delve deeper into the technique aspects of sex. ED is the most important thing right now. So yesterday we had sex, and I found my erectile dysfunction is getting less. I lasted longer because I am trying to focus on physical pleasure as you suggest, and this helped me stay erect, so I told her we should try intercourse. I already felt confidence even though I know I have a long way to go, and even though I was worrying about it going down and maybe cumming early. In fact it did go down a bit, probably because I had a condom on, we always use a condom, so my physical sensation was inevitably less. Even so, afterwards she told me that I surpassed her ex! I'm starting to appreciate the physical arousal more and more, and I think it's going to keep improving like this.

Neal, Los Angeles...

Thanks for the help by email, it reassured me I was doing things right. I lost my erections and I lost my ability to ejaculate during sex. If you haven't experienced the shame of delayed ejaculation, of not being able to ejaculate with a beautiful woman in bed with you then you don't really know what a sexual dysfunction is! At first I was despairing because I wanted instant results, but when I got into a better frame of mind about this and accepted it would take a week or two more, I thought, what the heck, let's go for it. I'm fortunate that I have a partner who's happy to go along with me - she wants me to be back to full fitness and she enjoys sex, so there aren't any of the relationship problems you mention - now I find that since I stopped being so obsessed with the images of a successful lover and focus more on what she was doing to me, my penis suddenly started responding again. I can tell you how good it feels to be on the road to recovery - I'd forgotten how important it is to have an erection every day to keep me thinking and feeling masculine!

Alexander, France...

I am 51, healthy in every was as far as I know, and suddenly found that I had completely lost interest in sex and was not getting any erections at all - not even at night as far as I know. In a way it wouldn't have mattered to me if I never had sex again, but I was still really bothered about losing my erection and sex drive. I am going through too much stress with my aged parents, and there are a few issues between me and my partner, but nothing different really from last year, when we were having sex all the time. So I think what can possibly be causing this, and making me feel so depressed? I still don't know how to answer this, because I bought your techniques and we tried them when we made during one afternoon time just to spend together enjoying physical intimacy, and my girlfriend said it didn't matter even if I didn't get hard. well, the excellent news is that by following the method in your manual, I was erect pretty quickly, and we had decent enough sex, certainly I felt really turned-on. This was such a relief, and it seems to have broken a block, because my erections are back, maybe not quite as often as before but certainly I am very happy with the outcome. However I will also be seeing  a doctor about testosterone as you explain in such detail why, I think may be this is part of my wishes and thanks again. and let me know if it is OK to email you again if I have further problems?

John, UK

I think your website is extremely informative and provides answers for a number of issues that I always tried to avoid because I didn't understand them. I am in my twenties, healthy and have been in a loving relationship with my girlfriend for the last year. We have sex a couple of times a week but I always put pressure on myself to perform. The other problem I have is that my girlfriend gets upset that she gets excited very quickly and wonders why I don't get an erection in seconds. I explain that it takes a little longer but then the thought that it takes time and I'm not hard is constantly on my mind. Last night she thought it was because I did not find her attractive which of course is nonsense! Once I do get an erection I usually get excited very quickly and cum after a few minutes. I was reading your exercise about stimulating myself and letting arousal go back down before ejaculation, then bringing it back up, while not fantasizing. This is a technique that seems to help and I really like the sound of it. But would you be able to help and advise me in person on the other exercises to prevent me from getting anxious so I can be sure of relaxing, be more comfortable in sex, not lose my erection and hopefully improve sex for my girlfriend? I love her so much and am sure that we will get married, but sex is of great importance for her and I want to be able to keep her happy!







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