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The choice of remedies for erection problems: find the correct treatment methods for erectile dysfunction

What can one say about erection problems that has not already been said?

I think the first point worthy of note is the fact that it is so common - a quick glance at the search results that pop up in Google when you search for erectile dysfunction or erection problems proves that there are a great many men looking for a cure, a great many websites who offer advice, and - sad to say - a lot of websites where a lot of money can be made selling cures of greater or lesser value for the condition.

Erection problems are very troubling for a man: it is the essence of his manhood that is at stake when he cannot make love or even get an erection. He feels emasculated, less of man, unable to have sex and display his potent male power. And of course his partner is affected by his erection problem as well, for she may wonder if it is her attractiveness or lack of it that is causing the problem, and even if she doesn't, she may well be frustrated by the fact that she and her partner cannot make love.

The important thing to remember, whether you are a man with erection problems or his partner is that none of these things are probably true. You are not less of  man just because you cannot get an erection; your partner is no more or less attractive than she was before your erection problems started; and you are not emasculated just because you are having some temporary difficulty getting hard.

In case any men reading this don't actually know the facts about erectile dysfunction: the majority of cases, certainly in men under the age of fifty, are due to emotional or psychological causes - such as anxiety, depression, stress or relationship troubles.

There is an old saying that the penis never lies - which means something like "the penis will always truthfully indicate the owner's state of mind!" In other men, there may be a connection with diabetes or cholesterol, and there can sometimes be an effect when a man's hormones begin to drop during his midlife - this may affect his erectile capacity.

There are plenty of reports on the internet which you can read if you would like to. For example, we have all heard of Viagra, which has changed dramatically the way patients are assessed as to the degree of their erectile difficulties.

Unlike some other conditions, where the importance of a sexual problem depends on how the couple feel about it, erectile dysfunction is best regarded with some seriousness by both patient and doctor, for it can be a primary indicator of high cholesterol or diabetes.

In case that last point is not clear, the simple explanation is that the small arteries of the penis get blocked much more easily by cholesterol deposited on the endothelium which lines the small blood vessels than the arteries of the heart. But in fact, when a man begins to suffer erectile dysfunction from high cholesterol, he is likely to have a heart attack within two or three years.

So obviously this is an important condition. But how is it to be cured? First of all, being relaxed and  confident is a useful starting point. The best situation in which a cure can be sought is for  a man to have a loving partner who genuinely wants to have intercourse with him, and who is willing to work on solving the erectile dysfunction with him.

 But even without that, a man can work on the problem on his own: he can start to improve his psychical health, reduce his cholesterol, eat better food, take more exercise, and have a physical check up to test for low testosterone, which may be contributing to his problem. That is not enough, of course: you need a specific methodology for treating the erectile dysfunction as well.

I'd therefore like to offer guidelines for selecting the right cure:

But before I do, I must tell you that I know how erectile dysfunction feels - I suffered (if that is the right word) erectile dysfunction for a long time, and the cure came when I used on myself the techniques I had learnt in my training as a professional sex therapist. I have actually put all this information together in a simple but comprehensive website, the sole purpose of which is to help men who have erectile problems to solve them with the help of their partners.

I do recommend trying Viagra if that is of interest to you and you are under the supervision of primary care physician. Viagra has short-circuited the treatments for erectile dysfunction, especially in cases where they are organic (i.e. physical) in origin. It may not be a complete cure, but for men whose erectile dysfunction results from psychosomatic issues like performance anxiety, it can be a great asset in overcoming the problem.

Third, you may find self-hypnosis can be of assistance, if only because it relaxes you and allows you to have more control over your bodily responses. If you'd like to investigate it, try the self-hypnosis work produced by Victoria Mizzell. Get the information here!

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