Why Treat Erection Problems?
Is there even an effective treatment for erection problems?

Hypnosis as a treatment for erection problems! 

This website will help you overcome your erection problems: you can find information on techniques and methods to remedy, control, and overcome erection problems or even impotence. This page discusses hypnosis as a treatment method for erectile dysfunction.

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Hypnosis is no substitute for thorough medical assessment of sexual dysfunction. Psychological treatments of nay kind, including hypnosis, must follow a thorough assessment of the possible medical issues that lie behind the sexual dysfunction - for example, erectile dysfunction can be caused by neurogenic or vascular issues produced by diabetes.

And obviously, issues such as the use of illegal drugs also need to be checked before psychological treatment for the condition is applied. There is also the fact that there are no definite objective standards to define what is and is not a sexual disorder. Against this background, you may wonder how hypnosis can be helpful in resolving erectile difficulties.

First and foremost, it is not in itself a treatment method: it is an adjunct for other treatment approaches. The concept of sex therapy was the product of Masters' and Johnson's work in the 1960s and 1970s where the origin and treatment of sexual disorder was extended from the physical into the realm of behavioral modification and cognitive-behavioral strategies.

In a classic situation, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, including erection problems, follows a fairly clear procedure: evaluate the problem, establish rapport with the client and allow them to speak freely about what is going on for them without judgment, supply appropriate knowledge which the couple may lack, and then make therapeutic interventions targeting the sexual behavior which needs to be changed: this is what is commonly thought of as "sex therapy".

This approach implies a fairly explicit agreement with the client about what is expected and what is the objective of therapy. As the therapy proceeds, it is constantly reevaluated to check on progress and assess whether further information of value has emerged during the process - information which will affect the course of treatment.

Only a small proportion of sex therapists use hypnosis in this stage of treatment, even though there are clear indications that it is useful in understanding a client's presenting issues. Hypnosis facilitates treatment and extends treatment options, providing direct and indirect ways of changing negative thinking at all levels of consciousness.

Hypnosis also provides a way of accessing symbols which may be useful in understanding the patient's interpretation of sexual issues. Another advantage of hypnosis is that it allows the patient to engage in sexual fantasy in a way that appears real to the subconscious mind: it also distracts the client from negative self-talk and allows mental rehearsal of successful sexual scenes.

Therapists who have used hypnosis in sex therapy have suggested that it can be useful in directing inappropriate fantasy to a more acceptable substitute, thus changing the behavioral expression and sexual expectations of the client.

I have used hypnosis in my own work to focus the attention of clients on sexually pleasurable stimuli, "turning up the volume" as it were, so that sexual pleasure is highlighted and negative associations are diminished. The importance of imagery in such situations cannot be over-estimated: in one case of vaginismus, a newly-wed wife and husband were in reality looking for a house in which to live.

Under hypnosis the association of a room in the house which was locked, and whose door could not be broken down, was a powerful metaphor for the locking shut of her vagina: the couple together discovered in fantasy a series of keys which allowed progressively further access into the locked room, while the husband was able to use the imagery of an oil can with which he could lubricate the door hinges.

The slow acceptance of the imagery served to break down the real inhibitions about sexual intercourse and entry to the "secret room" of the woman's vagina. Again, symbolic representation of any parts of the body which are perceived negatively may be used to see them in a more positive light: the labia may be seen as a beautiful flower, or the penis as a fine marble column.

Needless to say, if it is appropriate, hypnosis may be used for age regression and exploration of the roots of a sexual disorder.

There are many hypnotic techniques which can play a part in resolving sexual dysfunction: catalepsy, for example, may be transferred to the penis in men with erectile problems; in one study, arm catalepsy transferred to the client's penile response has been reported to be successful in 80% of patients.

Direct suggestions of firm, hard erections can be useful, as can metaphorical associations of erectile firmness suggested in indirect approaches. Suggestions of arm or finger catalepsy may be transferred to erectile functioning.

Post-hypnotic suggestions of erectile firmness have proved successful: and hypnotically assisted age regression back to a time when the client's sexual functioning was normal have also been tried with considerable success. Hypnosis is especially useful in exploring and enhancing past or present sexual fantasies which can then be incorporated into present time sexual activity, either with the client's partner or in fantasy.

Gilmore (Journal of Sexual and marital Therapy, 1987, 13. p 45-47) has described the use of three carefully chosen metaphors designed to retrieve the resources of hope, caring and competence embedded and intertwined with each other in the resolution of conflicts that prevented erections during intercourse.

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Another great benefit of using self-hypnosis as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is that the increased relaxation and greater confidence you develop as you use the self-hypnosis material will provide more confidence in other areas of your life as well as your sexual and personal relationships.

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