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How to cure impotence; treatments for erectile dysfunction

Do you have difficulty getting or keeping an erection during sex?

Is sexual intercourse a frightening challenge?

Are you beginning to avoid sex because you fear erectile dysfunction?

Are your erections sometimes less firm and long-lasting than you would like?

Do you sometimes wonder if you can get your penis hard at all when you make love?

Well, congratulations! Yes, congratulations. Because you've found the only website you'll ever need to solve your erection problems.

Welcome. My name is Rod Phillips. I have the answers, no matter what ails you in the penis / erection / sex department. Right now, that may seem like a big claim. But please come along with me. All will become clear....

Maybe you call yourself impotent, or you've been told by a doctor that you have "erectile dysfunction". Perhaps you lack confidence when it comes to making love because you sometimes lose your erection during sex.

This website has all the answers you need to deal with every one of these challenges - and more besides. In fact, if you want to be certain of getting and keeping an erection for as long as you have sex, I will explain how you can make it happen.

Let me say here and now that every erection problem can be solved one way or another. But it's vitally important to get the correct advice about erectile dysfunction and impotence.

In all the years I've been working with men who couldn't get an erection - about twelve years, I think - I've heard a lot of stories from men who went to a urologist and walked away with nothing more than a brief examination, a few questions, and a prescription for Viagra. A few were even told their only hope of getting erect again was to have penile implants - which is almost never true.

This is not good: doctors are supposed to work with their patients to cure impotence. They should be able to help men with erectile dysfunction get hard erections naturally.

If you have difficulty getting an erect penis during sex you don't want to be told the answer lies in Viagra or penile implants - you want to be able to enjoy either planned or spontaneous masturbation, intercourse and oral sex confidently, knowing that your penis will be ready just when you need it to be.

The truth is that many doctors don't have time to talk through all the emotional and psychological issues that might affect your erection.

This website tells you how to get your erection back and keep it hard for as long as you want in a simple, comprehensive and understandable way. 

I show you the emotional issues that can affect your penis and your erections, and how your relationship with your partner may be part of the problem; I reveal how you can find out what's causing your erectile dysfunction or impotence, or the loss of your erection, and I explain how you can put it right, showing you the techniques you need to do this, step by step.

My information is easy to act on. I don't offer quick fixes of dubious origin like herbal potions or the supposed cure-all of hypnosis. I give you genuinely effective treatments that will get you erect again - and help you stay that way during sex.

These solutions work. They are the treatment methods used by professional sex therapists to cure impotence, erection difficulties, or erectile dysfunction.

At the moment you might be feeling bad about yourself. When a man can't get an erection he's missing a basic part of his masculinity. No surprise, really. An erect penis is the most basic symbol of being a man; more than this, it feels good to be erect, to show your potency to the world - or the woman you're having sex with.

Your erection says, "Look at my masculinity. Look at my erection and know I can have you, I can give us both sexual pleasure." In fact, it tells your sexual partner of your male power and pride - and it shows you that you can penetrate and take your partner sexually.

Without an erection, you're going to feel less of a man.

I don't think women can really understand, deep down in their guts, as we men do, how important a man's cock - and even more, his ability to get it hard and erect during sex - is to his sense of self. Waking up with a morning erection is a daily reminder of our potency and male power.

Responding to sexual stimulation with sexual desire and arousal keeps us aware of our masculinity. Finding that we get erect when we might have intercourse or sexual pleasure with a partner is a fundamental part of being male. It reinforces our masculinity.

No wonder that erectile dysfunction, impotence and losing your erection are such a big deal. Some men have told me they would rather be dead than impotent.

That's no mystery: to be able to have sex on demand, to make love as and when you choose, to know you can enjoy your partner whenever you both want it - that is a vital part of being a man.

How Does Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction, Begin?

Whether you call it impotence or erectile dysfunction makes no difference. The end result is the same: a penis that remains soft when you're in a sexual situation.

Maybe you're a young man starting out on your sexual experiences, and you've found you couldn't get hard when you were with a girl who wanted to have sex with you.

Maybe you're in your thirties, forties or fifties and you've suddenly found that your penis doesn't get hard like it once did. You might not be able to rely on it becoming erect and hard when you start kissing, or even when you're in bed with a naked and willing woman.

Maybe you want to make love to a woman you've just met, but your penis stays soft (the technical term is "flaccid" - a horrible word!). Perhaps you once lost your erection in the middle of making love for some reason, and since then it hasn't been reliable.

Maybe you're an older man who has given up on getting erect, and if you have sex at all, you can only offer oral sex and masturbation to your partner.

Or maybe you have diabetes which is affecting your potency. Perhaps medication you're taking for another condition, like SSRIs for depression, or Ranitidine for excess stomach acid, is affecting your erections.

For each and every one of these situations - and all the rest not mentioned - there is a cure, a treatment that will stop your erection problem.

Think about that. You can end your impotence, you can treat your erection problem. And yes, self-help treatment works - when it's the right treatment!

Let me tell you now: a cure is available for your erectile dysfunction. Period. I will show you how to stop erectile dysfunction on this website. I will tell you all you need to know - in detail - to get your erection back as soon as possible.

Erectile dysfunction may or may not occur when a man is masturbating on his own. Often, though, impotence doesn't happen in isolation. It's a problem for two people - you and the woman you're with. And women are often not as sympathetic as they might be to erection problems. Sad, but true.

They tend to think of men as ever-lustful, wanting sex all the time, ready to make love at the drop of a hat.

But the truth is our erections aren't as reliable as that - they can be erratic and unreliable, here-one-minute-and-gone-the-next, here when we don't want them, and, worst of all, not here when we do want them.

Performance anxiety and impotence or erectile dysfunction

You might have noticed how you can sometimes lose your erection when you have sex. This can happen for lots of reasons: you're feeling depressed, tired, stressed, worried about sex with a new partner, you don't want to have sex with an old partner, you had too much to drink - whatever.

These things aren't exactly erectile dysfunction or impotence - they are more like a kind of performance anxiety before you get into bed. But all of these things can make you lose your erection, and if it's happened once it may happen again, often when you least expect it.

We all want to look manly, and there's nothing more important than being able to get a hard-on when we're with an attractive sexual partner.

So if you lose your erection when you have sex, and that's a new experience, it's one that you're going to worry about. And when you worry about it, guess what happens next time? You lose your erection. And so it goes on, each time getting worse and worse, until you start to avoid sex altogether.

Each time you get into bed you're more focused on whether or not your penis will work than on the sex. This makes it even more likely your penis won't get erect.

This can even lead to a situation where you develop a good erection during foreplay and then, when it comes to the moment of penetration, or the moment of putting on the condom, you lose it pretty much instantly. This is hard to understand and even harder to cope with: just when you think the situation is solved, it suddenly gets worse!

And as if this wasn't bad enough, you might then find that you develop premature ejaculation or your desire for your partner disappears....

So let me say at this point that you can stop worrying. The answers are right here, on this website.

But before I explain how I might help you, let me say something else. You are not an impotent man! You do not have erectile dysfunction! The fact that you lost your erection does not mean that your masculinity is lost.

The reality is this: all these problems can be cured. The treatments are described in detail on this website - and they work.

You are a man with a short-term erection challenge. That is all.

It can be treated successfully. There is a cure. You can stop the loss of your erection happening.

We know that when your penis isn't co-operating with you during sex, you worry about it. In fact, you probably think about sex (or the lack of it) more than you would normally. So what do you do next?

What do men do when they discover they have erectile dysfunction?

Men try lots of things when they first discover they have an erection problem. Maybe you've thought about trying some of these ideas yourself, or maybe you've already plunged right in and tried them out.

The most common one is to have sex with another woman - younger or more sexy than your current partner. Some men feel tempted to pay for sex. Others try Viagra. Many look for porn on the internet.

Some want to try new sexual practices with their partner: tying her up, talking dirty, dressing up, spanking, whatever. Some men avoid sex altogether and throw their energies into work or hobbies.

But these are not solutions - and they probably won't work anyway.

Although an erection problem is a bad experience, you don't have to try these things, nor do you have to suffer in silence - or, indeed, suffer at all.

You can stop your erection problems now! The answers are all on this website. With a small investment of time and money you can find out just how simple it can be to restore your penis to natural, normal, working order.

Some Common Erection Problems You May Have Experienced

You don't get erect through fantasy, seeing your partner's body, or thinking about sex any more

When you're a young man, your penis leaps to attention at the least hint of sex. It's not quite as eager when you're in your thirties, forties or fifties - you respond more slowly. And if you were mostly turned on by fantasy or sexual thoughts when you were young, getting an erection can be much harder when you're older.

To discover that you don't get an erection when you're watching an attractive sexual partner undressing or showing off her body can be a real shock. The good news is that this is one of the easiest forms of erectile dysfunction to solve.

Premature ejaculation can lead to impotence

A surprising fact, maybe, but it happens. You try and tune out what you're thinking about when you have sex to slow down your ejaculation - and then, bang! Before you know it, your erection has disappeared. Again, this is not hard to deal with.

Physical problems can cause erection difficulties

There are a lot of medications that damp down a man's capacity to have an erection.

For example, drugs used to treat depression or high blood pressure may cause erectile dysfunction. Older men may have diabetes, nerve problems, circulation problems, or other medical problems. (One sign of this is that you can't get an erection when you masturbate.)

But be careful here - you might just have a low level of testosterone. In my opinion, that isn't a serious problem because it can easily be treated, and I tell you how in the member's area of this website.

Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction

A decline in testosterone affects about one man in 10 over the age of forty and almost half of all men aged 70.

Symptoms include lack of erections, low sex drive, depression, aches and pains, irritability and personality change, tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm and energy for life. This must be one of the most easily cured male problems: I explain what to do about it in great detail.

A complete cure is almost guaranteed - provided you have the right advice and information.

I take you through all the information you need to understand whether low testosterone might be at the root of your erection problems, how to get this confirmed by a doctor, and what medications are available to safely restore yourself to full sexual health.

This is one of the most important pieces of information any man over fifty can have.

Emotional problems can be both the cause and the effect of erectile dysfunction

Depression and anxiety are the most common cause of erection difficulties, but they can be treated - and the associated erection problems can be cured too.

Other things that can affect your erections include anger, resentment, sexual boredom, a failing relationship, loss of desire, low libido....and many more. They are all featured on this website.

But how can you tell if there's an emotional or physical basis to your erection problem? Well, you can rule out a physical problem immediately if you're able to get an erection when you masturbate or if you have morning or night-time erections. If you do, the loss of your erection during sex might be caused by anxiety about losing your erection. (Yes, it really does work that way!)

By the way, physical problems are much less of a barrier to overcoming an erection problem than you might think. The most dramatic example of this was a man who'd been told by a doctor seven years ago that he'd never have an erection again - he had diabetes - but after using the treatment for erection problems on this website, he told me he was making love normally eight weeks later.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence often seems like a total and permanent sexual disaster, but in fact you just have to know how to deal with it and what to do about it.

I explain in detail all of the emotional issues associated with erectile problems, I tell you what you can do about them, and I show you how you can easily, quickly and simply resolve them and stop them happening again.

I also describe how you and your partner can establish complete and relaxed communication about sex, end your sexual problems (both yours and hers), reinforce your loving feelings for each other, and improve many other aspects of your relationship.

And how do you know if it's time to split up because your relationship is beyond repair? Well, you can check it out in the members' area of this site, that's how.

Sexual or physical abuse as a cause of impotence

It's a sad fact but a lot of us didn't have an ideal childhood. If your trust was shattered when you were a child, especially by a woman, you might find you have erection problems with sexual partners later in life.

A young man in this position may well have enough sexual energy to overcome the effects of sexual or physical abuse. Later in life, when your sexual energy is a bit lower, sheer sexual desire might not be enough to overcome the damage from your earlier years, and your erection may then become less reliable than before.

Sometimes something quite specific causes an erection problem: for example, being with a woman who is judgmental or critical may be enough to spark off a loss of your sexual desire and make your penis wilt in a sexual encounter.

Although such issues can be complex, there are some very practical ways of dealing with them, all described on this website.

Things You May Not Know About Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

One of the big problems we face as men in this society is that there are so many myths floating around which put huge pressure on us to perform sexually.

They also give us a sense of failure when we don't match up to them. I examine them all in the website, and tell you how to find your own way sexually, regardless of what others expect of you. Here are some of the worst myths:

A man should be able to have sex on demand with any woman who is willing and available. This is ridiculous, and any man who believes it will undoubtedly find his erection wilting from time to time. Here's the truth: there plenty of women in the world with whom you wouldn't ever want to have sex - and it's OK to say "no" to them!

A man should be able to get an erection on demand, all the time, every time. If you judge standards of male sexuality by what you see in the tabloid press ("We did it six times a night" - that kind of crap), or even by what your male friends tell you, you're heading for erection problems when you find you can't match up.

The truth is that a man does not get erect every time, and at any one time, about ten percent of all men have erection problems. The members' area of this website will show you how to avoid any situation where you may not get erect. And just so you know where you stand, and what the facts are, I explain the average number of times a week people of each age group have sex.

A man should never be nervous when having sex. This is another myth about male sexuality. Men are likely to be just as anxious when meeting a new partner, or indeed making love to an old one, as women.

A lot of male anxiety comes from the idea that a man is always expected to lead, direct and take the initiative in sex. Women who believe this, and want you to lead and initiate sex all the time, are only adding to your erection problems.

You can find out how to deal with your anxiety and the situations which cause it on this website. I also show you how to change your partner's expectations to more realistic ones.

A man should be able to seduce and successfully take to bed every woman he meets who seems to be attracted to him. When you buy in to this belief, you set yourself up for failure. You can't expect to be sexually successful with any and every woman you meet.

Sometimes sex doesn't go smoothly; from the surprising, like finding your partner has some unexpected sexual preferences, to the mundane, like not being able to find the opening to your partner's vagina as you try to enter her, the path of sex never runs quite as smoothly as it might.

To overcome these challenges, you need to be intimate and relaxed with your partner, not starting out from a macho place where you think you should know what to do during every moment of every sexual encounter.

There are many more myths about sex that play their part in causing erectile dysfunction and impotence: here are just a few of them. In the members' area, I examine all of these and plenty more and test them against reality:

A man should be able to successfully fuck a woman even when she doesn't like sex or doesn't respond to him sexually...

A man should be able to give his partner an orgasm each and every time...

A man should be able to get it up and keep it up even if his partner is unresponsive or hates sex...

A man's penis should be erect from the beginning of sex right through to the time he ejaculates...

A soft penis is no use for sex...

A man doesn't need to be in a committed relationship to enjoy sex...

Erectile dysfunction is shameful, and to be impotent means you're not really a man...

And sometimes there are problems that have nothing to do with you - like you have a sexual partner who doesn't enjoy intercourse or won't take part in oral sex. And sometimes women blame men for whatever's going wrong during sex. But the good news is that there are solutions for all these situations. Find out what you can do to get sex back on track and help the woman in your life enjoy sex more.

Adding To The Pleasure Of Sex

Of course, sex isn't just about being able to get and keep an erection. You have to know the right techniques, the ways you can get the greatest pleasure for your partner and for yourself.

This isn't just about sex positions (though there are tasteful photos of hundreds of positions) - it's about knowing how to make sure both you and your partner enjoy one or more orgasms without putting any pressure on yourselves during sex, or feeling any shame or disappointment if things don't go as well as they might.

There's also huge amount of information about the best sexual techniques. I asked a team of colleagues - all sexual therapists with a gift for communication - to put together a massive amount of sexual information, all of which has only one purpose - to show you how to get the most fun and pleasure out of sex.

And there are hundreds of practical, original and effective sex tips for both men and women which will add enormously to your sexual pleasure, the power of your orgasms, and the satisfaction you both get from sex.

Whether you or your partner are sexually experienced or not, this information will increase your confidence and add hugely to your enjoyment of sex.

And since successful sex is about equality, about the man and the woman getting equal pleasure, there are sexual techniques to make sex better for both of you! Among the especially valuable information is a section on how essential oral sex is for many men and women, and what you can do to persuade a reluctant partner to enjoy this pleasure with you.

Read this stuff and both of you will enjoy sex more than ever before!

And if you can't get an erection after you've been with your partner for a while, I show you the easy and simple ways to deal with this problem - the solutions are so simple, you'll wonder why you never thought of them.

I also explain exactly how your partner's attitude and behavior can affects your sexual performance and your erection: find out what she can do for you to make your erection as hard, and sex as enjoyable, as they can possibly be.

Once you've got reliable erections you'll want to make sex as good as it can be for you and your partner. That's why there are TWO valuable gifts to help your sex life improve even more - and they are both completely free of charge when you join this site...


A Free Photographic Guide To Hundreds Of Sex Positions!

Photographed in brilliant, clear, close-up detail, these sex positions photos feature real life couples enjoying great sex. They're sexy, yes, erotic and arousing, certainly, but above all they're informative, explicit and practical. You can see exactly how to enjoy hundreds of sex positions ranging from the everyday (like variations of the missionary or man on top) to the exotic positions you're going to want to reserve for that once-in-a-while sexual experience!

Think of the fun you'll have trying these sex positions out ! The photos were shot by professional photographers who provided explicit and detailed but very tasteful pictures of both our male and female lovers. The result is a superb collection of sex positions pictures, inspirational and arousing, and safe for men and women to view together with no fear of offence. These pictures will add enormous pleasure to your sex life.

And there's more!

A Free Guide To Help You Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm During Intercourse - Quickly And Easily!

Simultaneous orgasm is a goal well worth achieving. It makes sex about as good as it can be. Of course it's not essential to come together to enjoy sex, and many people never have a simultaneous orgasm with their partner in their entire sex life. But if you're interested in this extra dimension to sex, we can show you how to achieve it, quickly and easily. The pleasure of feeling your partner come while you're inside her vagina can be immense for a man, and it's a sensation that will send you into your own orgasm so that you both reach the peak of ecstasy together.

Get all this - completely free of charge - when you join!

Join now and get your full male power and potency back!

Take the first step in regaining your full potency and male sexual power NOW by joining this site with a one-off, modest membership fee. With step-by-step guidance, you'll soon find your erection is completely reliable during sex, you'll be able to enjoy sex for as long as you want, and you'll once again enjoy intense orgasms with your partner.

In short, you'll have complete confidence in your sexual abilities, you'll feel more masculine, and you'll enjoy sex more than ever before.

Join now and have renewed, vibrant, powerful sex for the rest of your life!

The membership fee is a modest one-off charge of only $39.95 

Such a small price to pay for something so important - a full year's access to the quickest, easiest and most effective way to regain your full sexual power! Your membership includes any and all updates added during the year. There are no rebills or follow-up charges of any kind whatsoever. You can email me at any time: rodphillips @ end-erection-problems-now.com (please remove the spaces) if you have any questions, and I will help you all I can.

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