Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction


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I know how much you want to be able to get an erection adequate for sex, believe me. I know because it took me three years to solve this problem for myself.

My partner was very sympathetic, but she clearly needed more in the bedroom than I was able to offer. When we went to bed, after a few minutes of doubt about whether or not I could rise to the occasion, more often than not I would find my penis slowly wilting and that would be the end of our sex for the evening.

I knew I needed help. Erection difficulties were ruining my sex life. Worse, they were ruining my life!

The worst aspect of this, of course, is that not being able to get an erection meant that I felt very unmanly, emasculated in fact. Erectile dysfunction, erection problems, impotence - call it what you will, the end result was the same: a lack of confidence in my ability as a lover, a lack of confidence in myself as a man, and a failure in bed which impacted on my whole relationship.

So, as perhaps you have done, I looked to the internet for help, and found - not really surprisingly, for such a common problem - thousands (at least it seemed that way) of websites which all claimed to be able to help solve my erectile failure. And, do you know what? I actually read them all, I bought subscriptions to every one, and I checked them all out. Phew! What a waste of time and money! Among the scammers, the con merchants and the false claims, there were perhaps one or two websites which did indeed actually offer the hope of a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Now, having distilled all that information down to a few key ideas, and having trained as a sexual therapist myself, I have a desire to share with you the facts and the actual answers to erectile failure, in the hope that you will be spared the journey I had to make through the wilder reaches of the internet in search of a cure.

My partner and I now make love - be it fast and furious or loving, slow and romantic - for just as long as we wish, and the thought that I might lose my erection never troubles me. This is how sex is meant to be, and it's very rewarding, special and intimate.

I've discovered the secrets of sexual success, found the confidence that I thought had gone for ever in the bedroom, and never have any fear of erectile failure or problems in the erection department. I can enjoy intimacy, foreplay, sex and arousal with or without an erection, but whenever sex is on the agenda, my body responds as I want it to do, without fear of erectile failure or losing my erection during sex.

And you can do this too. Simply read this site, absorb and put into practice the treatment methods for erection problems which are described here.

Erection problems or erectile dysfunction - whatever you call it - is the second most common sexual problem among men (premature ejaculation being the first). About one man in twelve has a problem getting an erection at any one time. Such levels of erectile dysfunction are very distressing for men, and very unsatisfying for their partners. But to stop erection problems, you need a certain level of motivation and application. 

The gap between success and failure as a lover can only be bridged by your desire to overcome your erection problem. The question, therefore, is this: do you want to become a confident lover, and regain hard erections adequate for making love?




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