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Pills and potions for stopping erection problems.

Do herbal pills for erection problems work, or are they simply "snake oil"?

When erection problems are caused by deep seated physical problems such as diabetes or hyperlipidemia or venous leakage or arterial occlusion, herbal pills and potions probably won't work. You need to examine the psychogenic aspects of the problem, so that you don't get over-anxious and respond to sexual arousal with the loss of your erection. But when you need more blood flow in your penis, and a boost to your erectile mechanism, there are some herbal medicines which may be of use as a cure for erection problems.

I tried several websites, and they did help in my search for a herbal remedy for erection problems. But they are definitely not the whole solution. You need the training exercises as well.

The first website offers herbal treatment for erection problems. Ginseng is a traditional remedy for erection problems, and may work well. There is a link below if you would like to check it out.

Body And Fitness    Also look at:   BMJ Best Treatments

Other websites look useful as well, but remember that the program of exercises on this website can work better than anything else as a cure for erection problems. Also, nothing works in isolation, so make sure that if you try these pills, you use them in conjunction with the long term remedy for erection problems described here.

How do the pills work to prevent erection problems? Here's some information adapted from the website.

Herbal treatment for impotence and erection problems

Natural methods can help without the pervasive and sometimes serious side-effects of drugs. But do recall that all herbal remedies are drugs, and some of them are very powerful. But erection problems can be helped with herbal remedies. Of course, the cause of erection problems (erectile dysfunction) may be physical, psychological, or a mixture of both.

Physically-based erectile difficulties may be due to an inadequate blood supply to the penis, low levels of testosterone, diabetes, prescription drugs, and various neurological pathologies. Psychological factors include lack of desire, anxiety and depression, fear of sexual failure; other factors include alcohol, which enhances sexual desire, but reduces performance, and antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives and diuretics.

Ginkgo Biloba provides an effective boost to circulation, with a reputed effect on memory because of increased blood flow to the brain. It seems to also increase blood flow to the penis, which may help some men. Best Treatments Review of Ginkgo Several studies have looked at Gingko as a treatment for erection problems. About 60% of men seem to find it helpful. It does need time to work - you could possibly try it over several weeks, taking it daily. I'd say it was the only herbal remedy, with the possible exception of Yohimbe, that is known to help erection problems. But some other ideas that you might wish to research include:

Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) increases male libido, according to some authorities. This is not the same as improving erectile capacity, though!  Aniseed contains several estrogenic compounds which may help some men, though it seems counter-intuitive that female hormones would boost male erectile capacity. If you try it, start with small amounts and see if it helps.

Cardamon is an aromatic spice, with a high content of cineole, which happens to be a nervous system stimulant. Again, its use in dealing with erection problem is anecdotal. Ginger is a relative of Cardamon, and well known for its warming, aromatic properties. Its use as an erection booster is unproven, but an article called "Studies on Herbal Aphrodisiacs", published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, claimed that ginger significantly increases sperm motility and quantity.

Ginseng is already known as a sexual stimulant. Chinese medicine has believed this herb to be  both a stimulant and relaxant, often used by men who have low libido. Take Ginseng cautiously and not for more than three weeks at time. Do not take during pregnancy and avoid with high blood pressure.

Native American Indians believed the ripe fruits of the saw palmetto berry to be an aphrodisiac. They have been employed to help with impotence and prostrate problems for a long time. Saw Plametto can treat prostate enlargement and cystitis.

Fenugreek has been recommended by Chinese herbalists for treating erection problem sfor many years.

For other methods of erection problems control, look here.

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